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Internal Medicine

Internal medicine is a non-invasive branch and specialty of medicine that deals with prevention, diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of disorders and diseases, primarily of internal organs. It consists of several subspecializations, i.e. branches and in short, we can say that it deals with the overall health of the individual.

  • Cardiology – heart and blood vessels;
  • Endocrinology – system of glands with internal secretion;
  • Gastroenterology – digestive organs;
  • Hematology – blood and blood elements;
  • Nephrology – kidneys;
  • Pulmonology – respiratory organs;
  • Rheumatology – rheumatic diseases;
  • Neurology – nervous system;
  • Oncology – tumors

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The professional team of Polyclinic Radovic consists of more than 30 specialist doctors,
subspecialists, masters, doctors of science and university professors.

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